Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Official

It's official! We received our official notification today that we have been approved to use Whitehall Elementary School in Anderson for our first Anderson Campus. If you would like to be involved in one of the Core Groups there coming up February 11th and February 21st then be sure and drop Dan our Campus Pastor an email at . Exciting things are happening, I encourage to get involved in what is going to be taking place.

In other news, I met last night with our Home Group Coordinators and some amazing things are taking place in that area of our church as well. If you haven't gotten plugged into a Home Group, and would like to know more then drop Brian and Sheri Harwood an email at

Today, I had the privelege of meeting with some other local pastors and hearing the awesome things that are taking place in their churches. I met with Reggie, Wil, and Kenny from North over in Greenville, Robbie from Metamorphosis that meets at Greenville Tech, Art from Connection Fellowship, Jim from New Journey, Mike from Oak Pointe, Marty from Pendleton Street, Derrick from If My People Ministries and the guys from Electric City Fellowship. It was cool to see what is working and how each church is impacting their areas. We are meeting again on March 27th at Stone Bridge in Powdersville at 10 am. If you are a local minister and would like to be involved drop me an email at We share ideas, encouragement, and prayer.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Sunday

Just a few reminders about this coming Sunday.

1. We are moving to our new location behind SunTrust bank in Powdersville. Everyone with children can enter in the front of the building. If you are facing the front of the building nearest to Ingles, be sure to enter the doors to the far right. The auditorium is located at the back of the building and we encourage everyone else to enter through the back of the building. This will help alleviate congestion in the Children's Area.

2. Our new service time is 10:30 am. We are expecting a large crowd so I encourage everyone to get there early. We already have a plan in place to begin a second service with a week's notice if needed.

3. This Sunday is going be cool as we kick off our new series "I AM". If you are planning on seeing I Am Legend starring Will Smith and have not done so yet, I will go ahead and apologize for ruining the plot of the movie for you. This will happen in the first five minutes.

4. Sunday afternoon at 5:30 pm is our Super Bowl party. The church is providing the hamburgers, hot dogs, and dessert. We ask that everyone bring a 2 liter drink and a bag of chips.

5. Who is the one person you have been meaning to invite but haven't done so yet? Go ahead and invite them. Maybe you've been reading this blog and have been meaning to come check it out but you still haven't. Go ahead, we'll make room.
See you Sunday.

1 800 Be Petty

On Friday Febuary 29th, Bryan "Little H chy", Big Al, myself and possibly some others are heading up to Charlotte,NC for the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Lowes Motor Speedway. We will be experiencing life in the fast lane at speeds up to 180 MPH. I bought Bryan and I passes for this last year for his birthday and we haven't had a chance to go. Well, his birthday is only a few weeks away so I figured we better use his last years birthday present before his next one rolls around. This year for his birthday I am buying him gas for a trip to Charlotte to use up his previous years birthday present.

While up there we are going to probably make a stop at Victory Lane Karting in Charlotte. This is home to the fastest go karts anywhere in the South.

If you would like to go up there with us, just drop me an email and I'll let you know when we're leaving. If you want to go and just watch Bryan mess his pants then that will be fine too. Bryan doesn't ride roller coasters so this ought to be fun. Al on the other hand is used to the speeds of racing and is a World Class Charger Division driver at Greenville Pickens Speedway.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Momentous Day

Today was a momentous day in the life of the church. It was our last service at Wren High School. Next week will be our first service at our building behind SunTrust bank in Powdersville. Church today went really well. The youth band led worship and we incorporated our Children's Ministry into the service as well. They all did an awesome job. I have been blown away by all of our volunteers in the Children's Ministry. Each week I hear of kids not wanting to leave church. The cool thing is that it is not the production but rather the leaders that the kids connect with.

We are moving our service time to 10:30 a.m. beginning this week at the new location. We are already looking ahead a couple of months in order to be ready for a second service in Powdersville within the next two months.

Dan(our Anderson Campus Pastor) and I met this week with school officials in Anderson and we will be kicking off the Anderson Campus on April 6th 2008. We have two core group meetings scheduled for February. I will post the dates and directions in a couple of days. If you would like to attend a core group meeting, email Dan Cunningham at

We are in the process of updating our website. Be sure to check it out. We are still working our way through the site renovation with the help of Jim Reppart at New Journey. It should be all finished up in the next couple of weeks. For all the latest be sure to check out .

A special thanks to all of our church people for your prayers and support in the past two weeks. You guys rock. I had been on church staff for the last 15 years and I have never experienced the support like this past week with Isaac's hospitalization and the loss of my grandfather.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Apologize

My friend Evan Silver of the band Chasen and a lead guitar player at Stone Bridge posted on his blog this week about the movie Cloverfield. He told about how it was possibly the worst movie ever. I didn't trust his opinion so I went to see it myself. Evan I am sorry, you were right. Cloverfield was the WORST!!!! movie I have ever seen in my life. It was worse than Hot Shots starring Charlie Sheen. It was worse than Friday Night Lights(which to date is the only movie I have got up and walked out of watching). Do not waste your money.

What are your top five worst movies? Drop a comment.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Next Thursday You're Invited

Next Thursday at Stone Bridge we will be hosting a group of pastors and church staffers for a group gathering where we will share ideas, prayer, and encouragement. Reggie Smith at North has put this thing together. He has invited me to come to it in the past but I was sick once and out of town the other time. I guess he figured if he had it at our place then I had to be there. If you are on a church staff you are invited. We will start at 10:00 am and then go grab some lunch about 11:30 am.

It really is a cool concept and one I encourage for churches getting started and churches established. The idea of cooperation and being Kingdom minded is awesome. Too many times churches become kingdom minded but in the sense that the only kingdom they care about is their personal one. The result is 20 churches in a ten mile radius and no one wanting to help the other. We have been fortunate to have a couple of churches that have been encouraging and helpful to us. Art Fulks at Connection Fellowship, Jim Reppart at New Journey, and Reggie Smith at North have all been encouraging and helpful. The cool part is that all of these churches are relatively new church launches as well.

If you would like to come and need directions then email me at .

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have Some Respect and Common Courtesy

Ok, I try not to rant on my blog and I don't consider this a rant but there are a couple of things I have noticed in the past week that need to be addressed. A little respect and common courtesy goes a long way here.

1. If you are waiting to get on an elevator, then wait until the people getting off the elevator have had a chance to exit before you go barrelling onto it. Three times in the past week I have been plowed over by people eager to rush onto the elevator. Only one problem, it's not going anywhere until I exit anyway. So slow down and relax and wait until others have exited first.

2. It is not cute that you let your kid push the buttons on the elevator. The other 15 people on the elevator with you have no desire to smell elevator body odor for an extra 3 floors because your child pushed the wrong floor three times. An elevator is a grown up vehicle and only people over 15 should be allowed to push the buttons.

3. As a sign of respect when you approach a funeral procession you should pull your car to the right side of the road as the procession passes. The proper thing is not to whip out and go flying by the hearse and the family car. Seriously, this past Tuesday that happened twice on the way to the cemetary and a third person tried it but I pulled out and blocked their way. Show some respect and class.

4. Turn off your phone at a funeral especially if you have the booty dance song as your ring tone.(Once agian this happened Tuesday). Sure, sometimes people forget but when it does ring don't take a moment to look to see who it is before cutting it off. Show some respect and common courtesy and the world will be a better place.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today was my dad's 61st birthday. It has been a tough day with him burying his father today. But in a bright spot in the day, I went home at lunch time to pick up Melissa for the funeral and Isaac was sitting on the couch with a yellow post it note pad. As soon as I walked over to him he said "I've got something we can get for papa" He then proceeded to show me where he had written the word Bosely on the paper. I asked him what that was and he said, "It's hair for men, we can get papa some".

So happy birthday dad. The hair is on it's way.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Am Blessed

Tommorrow is the funeral for my grandfather also known as Little Papa. In the past 5 months I have lost both of my grandfathers. They both will be missed tremendously. I am 36 years old and have had all four of my grandparents alive up until this year. I have been blessed with amazing grandparents that truly have exhibited Christ and faithfulness for all these years. Both sets of grandparents were married over 65 years. That to me speaks volumes of their committment and faithfulness. All four have shaped my life beyond measure.

This Sunday I am speaking out of Hebrews 12. I only find it fitting that I am speaking on finishing strong. Just a couple of weeks ago as I sat at the table with my grandfather with his body slowly giving out on him and leaving him confined to a wheelchair and on oxygen, I will never forget what he told me that day, he said to me "I can't complain, God's been good to me. Always go with God". My grandfather finished strong with his wife of 66 years and was thankful to God even up until the very end.

Isaac was released from the hospital this afternoon. Thank you all for your prayers during this time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Update

Isaac is still in the hospital. They have diagnosed his infection as C Diff infection from his surgery last week. He will be in the hospital for at least two more days. He has to be without fever for 48 hours before he will be released.

My grandfather passed away this morning. Receiving friends is tommorrow night and the funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

As Scheduled

Church will be at our regular time tommorrow. I know we have people driving from many different areas. Some will most likely have ice on the roads and some will be dry. As of right now it is snowing in Easley and Anderson but not in Powdersville. The weather calls for temps around 20 which means the roads may be slick in areas so be safe.

Saturday Update

Isaac is feeling better but is still in the hospital. If all goes well and he continues to do well then there is a possibility that he could be released from the hospital tommorrow afternoon.

I arrived home last night/this morning around 2:30 a.m. and got in bed around 3. I am at the hospital right now as Melissa has went home to shower which is a good thing because people smell when they haven't had a shower. She didn't smell though. She just hadn't showered yet and she wanted to. She has been in the hospital every night this week. She has showered though before today.

Check back on my blog later tonight for an update on the whole weather thing as far as church tommorrow. Right now it looks like wet water outside with accumulations of a sprinkling.

Justin and the youth are having a blast in Tennessee. I sat in on part of the first general session and the music was great and I heard the message last night went well.
Remember all the youth and chaperones in your prayers this weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back in the Hospital

We arrived back home through the snow at 1 a.m. this morning. We got unpacked and finally got to bed around 2 a.m. At 5 a.m. Melissa woke me up to tell me we had to go the hospital because Isaac had spiked a fever. We left for the hospital around 5 a.m.. Isaac was admitted with a fever. They believe he has an infection from the surgery. Normal protocol is for a week in the hospital and IV antibiotics. I will be leaving for Tennessee at 7 a.m. tommorrow for one of my final camps from Merge. I have to be there for all of the logistical stuff. I will be heading back home tommorrow night around 9-10 p.m.. One more quick prayer request, my grandfather has been in the hospital for the past few days and today they set up arrangements for Hospice to come in tommorrow as he will be discharged from the hospital. This is a tough time for my dad especially but the one thing that is reassuring is that my grandfather is a Christian and I consider him to be one of the reasons that I am a pastor today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good News

We had been concerned for the past few weeks that Isaac may have had some tumors in his liver. Some spots had shown up on his liver and we had been worried that it could be tumors in the form of PTLD which is a precursor to Lymphoma. We hadn't shared this with anyone so as not to create any undue worrries. Today the preliminary results came back and it is not tumors. They are unsure totally what it is other than new blood vessels regenerating from the iron scarring that had taken place. Great news and exactly what we wanted to hear. We will be leaving Cincinnati around 4 pm and heading home. Other than being sore he had a good bill of health.

Update and A Profound Question

Isaac is still very sore. We are still in the hospital and hoping to be released today. They are running more tests and hopefully we will know something soon. The waiting is the hard part.

Now for the profound question. What is the acceptable way to wear a man bag? In the hospital you see men carrying their man bags filled with notebooks and laptops. Some carry it over their shoulder, some carry it like a briefcase, some carry it like a backpack , and still others strap it across their chest as if they were an ammunition carrier laden down with a bandolier of 50 caliber rounds. At what point does the man bag go from being just that to being just a guy purse?

I'll put my two cents worth in. I believe that the man bag works in many ways, but in order to not be confused with a guy purse, I beleive that it should be carried in one of the following three ways. For the professional, I beleive that the briefcase carry is the most appropriate way to carry the man bag. For the under 18 types, the backpack works best as it exudes youth and exuberance. For all other the acceptable method of carrying is the bandolier carry. It gives a sense of brawn to the insecure who are carrying a guy purse across their chest. Because after all, no one will mess with a dude and a bandolier. Don't believe me, take a look at Rambo. No one could handle that guy. Was it his brute strength? Nope it simply was the fear he invoked wearing the bandolier.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out of Surgery

Isaac is out of surgery. He is really sore and they did a larger incision across his stomach than last time. The incision is a couple of inches long. They performed an internal ultra sound. They have a small ultrasound device that they actually insert and perfomr the ultrasound with. Then they performed the biopsy on the liver taking three pieces of his liver from different sites. That's about all we know right now.

The White Death

We arrived in Cincinnati late last night. We were greeted with freezing temps and cold winds. This morning we awoke for the fifteen minute drive over to the hospital for Isaac's Surgery.

We walked outside to find a fresh one inch snowfall and temps of 15 degrees and a wind chill around 0. Southerners catch a lot of flak for poor driving in snowy conditions but this morning reaffirmed my belief all along that there are idiot drivers in abundance across the U.S. as our fifteen minute drive took one hour and fifteen minutes. If you're doing the math that is 75 minutes for a 10 mile drive.

Isaac is going into surgery in the next couple of minutes. I'll update later.

Also, in the next couple of days I'm going to do a post on the Church Marketing Racket.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knocked Up

So today "it" happened. The worst fear of any speaker is that they are going to say something that they did not intend to say in front of an audience and it is caught on tape. My number one fear is that I would let out some random curse word while trying to say some other word. Last week I actually avoided saying the word in this passage that started with the s for fear of messing this one up. Joshua 3:1 Early in the morning Joshua and all the Israelites set out from Shittim. Now I think it is pretty obvious why I didn't even go near this word.

Well today was different I was using an ilustration and talking about the 1984 arcade game "Punch Out". I was talking about getting knocked down and getting back up. I said this over and over to tell how many times I had gotten knocked down and how each time I got back up. Somewhere along the way I decided to paraphrase the statement I got knocked and got back up again. The paraphrased statement came out "that I got knocked up". You can watch the video here.

Church today was awesome. There was a buzz before and after the service. Today we had our highest attendance so far. It was really cool to see everyone getting involved. We had more families getting involved in home groups and getting plugged in to the life of the church. Two more weeks and then we will be in our location in Powdersville behind Suntrust Bank. Our first service in our Anderson location will be April 6th. More details about the core group meetings there coming pretty soon.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to Cincy Once More

We're headed back to Cincinnati on Monday. Isaac has surgery on Tuesday and then we'll return hopefully on Wednesday. This is just precautionary as a follow up on his MRI back in December. The doctors want to make sure that the spots on his liver are not anything more serious. His blood and liver numbers were actually better this week but they will be doing this procedure based on the MRI and not labs.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm just sitting here at 5 a.m. unable to sleep. Part excitement, part overwhelmed at all that is going to be happening in the next couple of months. My mind is filled with thoughts of all of the possibilities and also all the uncertainties in the coming months. This past week I talked about how God leads us into lands that we have never been before in order for us to get to a point where we have to fully rely on him.

The first three months of Stone Bridge has led me to an area I have never been before and it has been amazing what has taken place but at the same time it has been some of the most challenging times. Because to be honest, I like comfort. I like to be able to rely on what I already know. It is in the moments that I just start to get settled in that God says I'm ready to take you farther.

The coming months are going to be unbelievable. I feel completely in over my head but I also know that it is my weaknesses that God's power is perfected.

That's about it for my random early morning thoughts. We will be moving our services to the Powdersville campus beginning the first week of February and then launching the Anderson location the first week of April.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Coming to Your City Part 2

As of this afternoon, we are about 98% sure of our Anderson location. We have already received our first two steps of approval and all we have to do now is decide what space we need and then submit our final paperwork for the final approval process. Our Anderson location for the short term will be located at Whitehall Elementary School, right in the heart of Anderson. Go ahead and begin inviting neighbors and friends for the launch beginning in the month of April.

Our trustees meet tommorrow night and after that we wil be setting the date for some of our core group meetings that will take place in Anderson. If you would like to be a part of one the Anderson Core group meetings, please drop me an email @ and I will contact you as soon as we set the date for those. Exciting things are ahead. see you soon at Stone Bridge.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Coming to Your City

As I look back on today's message, I think the song "Coming To Your City" could have been an appropriate theme song for today. Today was an awesome day with one of our highest attendances at church. The kids area filled with kids everywhere. Our volunteers did an awesome job. The band did a great job as well.

Today I shared the vision of our church and where we are heading from here. I let our church in on the big news that is going to be happening in the coming months.

On April 6th we are going to be launching our second campus. This is awesome because it will happen on the 6 month anniversary of the launch of our church. Our second location that we are launching will be located in Anderson along the North Main/Clemson Boulevard corridor. We have several families making the trek from Anderson and we have between 10-15 families that will make up the core group for this new launch. We already have our campus pastor in place. Dan Cunningham has agreed to be the campus pastor for our Anderson location. Our goal all aong has been to be One church with multiple campuses. This will not be a video venue. I know that many churches are doing video but that is not part of our vision.

Whoever is speaking each Sunday will speak at both locations. We will have staggered service times and the speaker will travel to both. The music will be live and eventually each campus will have their own band.

We also are in preliminary talks with a future location in Greenville. We have already laid out some preliminary ground work for the Greenville campus but have not set a target date for the launch. 10.05.08 would be awesome with me. That would be the first anniversary of our church start but that is up to God as he opens doors.

Once we launch the Greenville Location we will be adding an additional teaching pastor and we will rotate between the different locations. Too many churches revolve around one personality and our goal is that our church would not revolve around "a personality" but instead it would revolve around Christ.

Our Wren location will be moving to our building in Powdersville pretty soon. We have secured some additional square footage and will begin meeting there.

The coolest part of all of this is that we can grow to be a large church while maintaining the atmosphere of a small church. We will have the resources of a large church while enjoying the community of a small church. We have taken a different approach. Rather than saying to people, you come visit with us, we are saying we are coming to you in your community because we truly want to have an impact on that community.

Other cool news to report, when we launched we borrowed thousands of dollars to launch and as of two and a half months into the start, we are completely debt free. God has done some awesome things and the best is yet to come. See you soon at Stone Bridge Church.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fantasy Champs

For the first time in the history of my storied Fantasy Football Franchise, I have finally achieved fantasy football immortality. No I didn't go undefeated but after a rocky start falling to fourth in my division within the first couple of weeks, my team (thanks in large part to Randy Moss and Peyton Manning) came charging back. I finished the season 10-3 earning the top seed and made mince meat of my first round opponent the Marietta Milly Men. The championship round was a little rougher with my team falling behind 35 points in the two week championship. Thanks to a couple of free agent pick ups and an amazing week from Randy Moss I was not only able to come back from a 35 point deficit but I was able to stretch out my lead and win by 35.

I would like to thank everyone who made this all possible. Special thanks to Bryan Holder and his Southern Shartonators for allowing me to completely destroy his team, to Reggie Smith and his CEO's for not bothering to show up in either game, to Wil Martin and the North Shaquars for creating the league and giving me a chance to coach again, to Evan Silver and the Powdersville Penguins nothing to be said here his name says it all. I probably have left someone off the list but thanks to everyone who made this possible. I would like to thank my Pop Warner little league fantasy football coach, thank you ESPN stat guy, thanks Coach Bellicheck for leaving Moss in the game, thanks to the password verifying person who always welcomed me with a "Welcome Sammy Not You? Sign Out" message every time that I logged into the game, to Al Gore for inventing the Internet that this game was played on, I could go on and on but the little red light is flashing and they're telling me we've got to commercial. Thank you to all my fans thank you all.