Friday, February 29, 2008

Pics From Hendricks

Isaac hard at work at Hendrick Motorsports filling in for Courtney.

H Chy and the Family Inside Hendricks


Pics From 1 800 Be Petty

Nascar Fashion

Little H Chy getting buckled in. You're going to buckle what? Where?

Melissa in the number 48 Lowes Car. Eat your heart out Paige.


Exhilarating! These were Melissa's word after travelling 170 mph around Lowes Motor Speedway in a Nascar Racecar. I must agree that this is something that there is nothing to compare to. Feeling like you're travelling sideways as you come up off the turn about a foot off the concrete wall going 170 mph is unreal. Basically it would be like travelling to the end of your neighborhood at 170 mph and hooking a uturn and going back the other way without breaking stride. This was hands down the most adrenaline I have ever experienced. This made bungee jumping feel like the mine train compared to the Superman coster at Six Flags. Melissa's eyes began watering just from the adrenaline rush. I was proud to say Bryan did not mess his pants. We ended up with 7 of us going up there. We purchased the DVD and it should be here in the next 4-6 weeks. I will post our DVD from our in car when it arrives.

After the Richard Petty Experience, we headed over to Hendrick MotorSports and met up with Pam with the Hendrick Marrow Program. She gave Isaac a tour of the shop now that Junior is there. We got to look at his Bud Shootout car. She took us on a full backstage tour which was even more awesome than last years. We got to meet Mr. Hendrick's bird George. George has his own office and everything. It was awesome.

The next couple of posts will feature some pics from the day.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy Days Big Day

Here's the latest......
Yesterday was extremely busy. Several meetings during the day along with message prep. Then yesterday evening I was off to Anderson University for a round table discussion with Anderson Students who are interested in planting churches once they finish college.

Awesome to see college students fired up about impacting their world. I met up with Dustin Willis and Lee Cunningham from Midtown Church in Columbia, Chris (I'm just going to call him "Barno" because I never can spell his name) who's starting a church in Ft.Inn, Richard Lister from Electric City and Brett Younkers (one of the worship pastors from Northpoint). We mingled with the students and then they had opportunities to ask about church planting.

After meeting we grabbed some grub at Waffle House(mainly because it is the only thing open after 10 in Anderson). I rolled into the yard at about 11:30 p.m..

Today has been editing video and making sure everything is ready for Sunday. Sunday is going to be a big day in the life of the church as we are going to have several people here looking into the possibility of being involved in new campuses we will launch.

Another big day happens tomorrow as we head up to Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte for the Richard Petty Driving School. We're leaving at 6 am and hopefully I will have some video up in the next few days.

Gotta run still crazy busy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If You're Going to Talk Junk

If you're going to talk junk, you best be able to back it up. Today I was sitting peacefully in my office working when a couple of ruffians walked in off of the street. One Adam Lanford proceeded to start talking junk about racing go karts. I guess that he missed the post a couple of weeks ago where I took Bryan and Justin to the wood shed. Just to refresh his memory I'll post this video once more. Mr. Lanford's mouth is writing checks his body can't cash. The showdown will happen within the next month if he shows up this time.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Group

Tonight was our fellowship night with our home group.

We were supposed to eat at Pizza House.

They are closed on Mondays.

We didn't know that.

We ate at Cracker Barrel instead.

Home Group is one of the favorite parts of my week.

It is awesome to get together and learn, fellowship, minister, and pray with others.

Home Groups are key to any church making disciples and helping people stay connected.

We had 25 people in our home group tonight.

We are getting ready to launch several new home groups in the next couple of months.

If you want to get involved, be sure to stop at the info table and talk to Brian or Sheri Harwood.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Recap

Service today was great all around. Music, Sound, Video, everything flowed really well.

The sense of community was great. Our church is designed toward a small group atmosphere. We can grow through multiple campuses and also retain that sense of community through those as well.

Quite possibly the best atmosphere I have experienced since the launch of the church.

Lunch was at El Surinos. Great as always.

This afternoon it was off to Six Mile with Scott and Jason for some fishing.

Jason caught seven large mouth. 4 of which occured in about a five minute span. Scott caught two. I caught one whopper. Actually Scott caught the largest but mine was a kind of close second.

I tried my hand at blow gun fishing but I couldn't hit hardly anything with the darts.

Jason and I bought new lures and proceeded to break them trying to splash water on each other.

All was not lost because it just so happened that Scott brought along his 9mm pistol and I proceeded to put 15 rounds in our floating broken fishing lures. Don't worry this took place on a private lake. There is no idiot riding around in a boat firing off a pistol on Lake Keowee. This all took place on Lake Carl.

Right now Isaac and I are sitting watching the Nascar Rain Delay.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amazing How Many People See You

So this afternoon I went out into the community with our media guy Jeff and we shot some video footage for an upcoming series. As soon as we started shooting I started getting phone calls of people who saw us shooting the footage. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't doing anything illegal this time because apparently half of Powdersville knew we were filming.

Today was productive. Spent the morning on the phone with realtors from Charlotte who own a building we are interested in Traveler's Rest. We negotitated and got closer to a working deal with them on the building. We still have some work on our part to do and then present them with an offer on a lease.

I spoke to three new families who have been invited to Stone Bridge within the last two days and will be attending in the next two weeks. Stuff like this really excites me because I know that the word is out and people are inviting people. This Sunday should be awesome.

Anderson Core Group meeting number two was tonight. Tonight we filled all of the key leader positions for this campus. This was great because we still had positions to fill just a few days before we launched our original campus.

Tomorrow I'm off so tonight I will be partaking in XBox live for some Call of Duty 4. I haven't played in a couple of weeks because my XBox 360 had a case of the red ring of death and had to go back to Microsoft. The new one arrived and will be broke in tonight.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Never Happened Before

Tonight, I found myself for the second night in a row standing in front of the stove cooking food for Isaac. Tonight it was bacon.

In the past 36 years I have never cooked two nights in a row, mainly because we eat out a lot. Plus usually if I cook once, people wouldn't be up for tasting anything I made two days in a row. But today was culinary history. Isaac gave me the thumbs up and stated my bacon cooking skills are better than mommy. I feel like I have won some type of award. I've decided next time someone comes over I am cooking, bacon strips and french fries.

Here is the recipe, turn on stove to 4. Use heavy cast iron pan. Open new pack of bacon. Place 5 strips of bacon into the pan. Wait til it gets brown and flip to other side. Once brown on both sides and it stops bubbling, remove with fork and place on paper towel on a plate. the paper towel absorbs the grease (not really but it makes you feel better thinking the extra grease is gone, kind of like you're eating healthy greasy bacon.) Repeat the process for as many pices as you want to eat. Be careful as to not scald yourself from popping grease that intermitently erupts from the chaldron greasy delight.

In other news, we made some good progress in the search for a Traveler's Rest location and hope to have that location settled down in the next month.

Tomorrow night is the second core group meeting for the Anderson Campus. If you need info, drop me an email.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick Update and French Fries

Home group last night was great. It got deep, like way over my head. We veered off the book we've been going through and got into a great discussion. If you're not plugged into a home group, what are you waiting on?

Today was a good planning day and I got a lot done on some upcoming message stuff.

Tommorrow morning I will be in Traveler's Rest with a couple of guys looking at locations for our Traveler's Rest Campus.

Both Anderson and Traveler's Rest have been picking up momentum in the last couple of days.

Tonight, I cooked fries for Isaac. He likes my home cooked fries better than Maw Maw's. It is a simple recipe and I'll share it with you. Start with three potatoes. Wash them. Peel them. Cut them into fry looking shapes. Place them into a hot vat of bubbling Wesson cooking oil with the stove set at six . I use the large round stove circle thingy. The little round ones look like they are for coffee or cooking a small pot of Lima beans. So I always use the large one. Once the oil is hot and bubbly, drop the potatoes carefully into the oil as to not suffer a nasty oil burn. Allow the potatoes to cook until golden brown and them remove them using a large spoon that has holes for the grease to leak out leaving just the fries. Place them on a plate covered by a paper towel. The paper towel will absorb excess oil. Then sprinkle a smattering of salt on the fries. Serve while still warm.

And finally, I put some go kart stuff on ebay for sale. If you need any go kart stuff check out my auctions under the username 65rover. Don't worry, I'm not selling my karts. I'm just selling the extra junk I don't need. So if you need any extra junk just check it out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Awesome Weekend

This has been an awesome weekend. Right now I am propped up in my recliner awaiting the start of the 50th annual Daytona 500. Isaac and I are pulling for any of the Hendrick cars but particularly #24. Melissa is pulling for the race to hurry up and get over so that I will shut up about it.

The camp that I spoke at this weekend was great. There were students from Brushy Creek, Hampton Heights, East Pickens, and Smith Grove . The band was made up of college and youth from Brushy Creek and they did a great job. I left to go up there Friday Night and then drove back after the service. There was no session yesterday morning so I waited until yesterday afternoon to head back up. I rolled into the house at about midnight. I was pretty tired but it was all good because students always inspire me by the way that they follow God with a childlike faith.

A special thanks to all of those guys for having me be a part of their weekend.

This morning church was very cool with some new folks from Traveler's Rest joining us to take part in the Stone Bridge experience. We are in the formation stages of putting together a core group for the Traveler's Rest Campus. The band did an great job. My favorite of the day was the new arrangement that they did with Jesus Paid it All. It was an old school song of faith meets modern day worship.

Remember this Thursday night we are having our second Anderson Core group meeting at 6:30 at the Cunningham's House. If you need more info or directions then be sure to drop me an email at

That's about it for now. Let's pull them belts up tight, boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing boys.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Here a couple of quick updates of things to remember and pray about.

Justin's dad is in Easley Baptist Hospital. He coded twice while in CCU but when I left a short while ago he was in stable condition. Justin is our youth minister at Stone Bridge. Keep them in your prayers.

Tomorrow evening and Saturday I will be in the mountains speaking at a youth camp. Pray for students to make the decision to thrive instead of just survive.

Sunday should be awesome as we continue in the series "I AM".

Remember our new time is 10:30 am behind SunTrust in Powdersville.

Week Recap

It's been a busy week but good week. This week has been alot about future planning and the future of the church. Today is a midweek break. I took today off instead of Friday.

Monday was meetings at church and then our first core group meeting in Anderson. Our focus in Anderson is geared toward the Westside of Anderson and central Anderson. That is evidenced by our first location at Whitehall Elementary. The core group meeting went well as was in fact larger than any of the meetings we had prior to the launch of the church. We have another core group meeting coming up next Thursday at the home of the Cunninghams. If you would like to be a part of that meeting drop me an email and I can get you in touch with our campus pastor Dan.

Tuesday I was busy with message prep all day. Currently I am trying to get back several weeks ahead on messages. We finish up the I Am series next Sunday and then kick off the series Impact on March 2nd. That Sunday is going to be exciting because we are also doing a Sunday Night service which will serve as a preview service for both the Anderson and Traveler's Rest campuses.

Yesterday I met for a couple of hours with our Traveler's Rest Campus pastor and we began going over some of the preliminaries and we looked at some different ways to go ahead and begin getting involved in the community.

There are some exciting things taking place. See you Sunday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Most Awesome Family

So the going joke around our house has been the fact that I bought and extra place for the Richard Petty Driving School and have been telling Melissa that she is getting to go the Driving School as her Valentine's Day Present. Anytime I would say that she just played it off like, oh whatever.

Well today I got home from work and Melissa left for the grocery store. While she was gone I asked Isaac if there was anything that Melissa may have mentioned that she was wanting for Valentines. He looked at me and said "daddy you've already got her that ticket to the driving school and that's all she wants".

So when she got home I was helping her carry in groceries and I told her what Isaac had said and then she proceeded to tell me she was really wanting to take part in the Richard Petty Driving Experience. It blew me away because I had only been kidding and she really wanted to go. So that took care of the whole search for a Valentine's Day present and instead of a box of chocolates and roses she will get to wear a sweaty driver's helmet in Charlotte. I have the most awesome family.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Turn em and Burn em

Here is a quick clip from yesterday where I used my signature spin to win technique on Bryan Holder and then on Justin Kay. Notice the skill with which I managed to avoid the accident after I turned them around.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pics From Today's Racing Action


Today was a huge day in the backyard go kart racing series. Today we had our largest field ever with 12 drivers. Things were wild and wooly from the start. Just like the Nascar practice session friday night, we started out with three different hard crashes in practice. It started with Chris Southerland losing it in turn 3 and over correcting head first into and through the fence. Next it was Al Nardone's time as he took the same kart Chris has just wrecked and put it head first into the swing set knocking the toe in out of line. A few minutes later after 2 hard crashes today and a flip last week left all four motor mounts on the block completely sheered off and as Chris was driving into turn one the motor just fell off.

Next it was my turn to get in on the crash action as I took the number 1 grey kart into the fence at turn 2 slapping the right side into a fence post and breaking off the rear wheel and spindle.

So before we had made the first qualifying lap, we already had two karts in the garage damaged pretty bad. We replaced the rear wheel and spindle and one of the two made it back to the track. The other kart is sitting wating to be disassembled and rebuilt.

Next came qualifying. We all qualified in the same kart to assure that no one had a kart advatage over the other during qualifying. Here are the qualifying results. I hate to sound like I am bragging but I will because I took the pole position by almost a full second in the field of 12.

Driver Qualifying Time in Seconds
1. Sammy Clary 11.33
2. Chris Southerland 12.05
3. Brydon Hiner 12.11
4. Brian Harwood 12.29
5. Bryan Holder 12.46
6. Bob Hiner 12.52
7. Paige Allen 12.79
8. Cole Taylor 12.80
9. Al Nardone 12.95
10. Justin Kay 13.00
11. Jason Allen 15.11
12. Jake Hiner 15.86

The racing action started just where practice left off. In heat 1 Jake Hiner got all four wheels off the ground as he battled and made contact with his brother. Bob came flying into the mix and tangled with Brydon before he pulled away for the victory.

Heat 2 started with Bryan Holder pulling into the pits with mechanical problems while Brian Harwood pulled away from Justin Kay for the easy victory.

Heat 3 saw Jason Allen take control early and pull away from Chris as he experienced a couple of spins.

Heat 4 saw a disqualification of Cole Taylor and he motored past Paige Allen under the pace lap. Cole citing that his throttle was hung up was still disqualified.

Heat 5 saw me advance easily as I used my spin and win move going into turn 1 on the final lap. I moved inside of Bryan Holder and gave him a tap sending him spinning while I kept on winning.

Next up I advanced to face off against Jason Allen and once again even though he knew what was coming, he could do nothing to stop the inevitable. Once again I used the spin to win and sent Jason spinning in turn four. He never recovered and I pulled away to a large victory.

Finally I finished off the trifecta with another spin to win victory over our youth minister Justin. I tried to spin him in turn four three times and he was able to fend me off. Finally I caught him off gaurd going into the downhill turn 2 and I sent him spinng head first into the swing set.

I further established my racing dominance in the Backyard 50.

In other grudge racing matches involving a battle of youth ministers, Bryan Holder may have pulled the upset of the day with one of the best backyard racing moves I have ever seen. Coming up off of turn 4, Bryan caught Justin Kay off gaurd and instead of darting to the inside, he pulled a Tom Cruise Days of Thunder move and went to the outside and actually rode the fence without catching in the fence. As he wet by you could hear the metal grinding on the fence and Bryan showed that he does have some go kart skills. The move caught Justin off gaurd and he never recovered. He choked over the course of the nest 5 laps and spun twice. The youth minister racing trophy goes to Bryan Holder.

All in all it was an awesome day of racing and we only totaled one kart that should be back up and running in a few weeks with a new motor and new steering parts. Check back later for some action photos from the day.

Church Recap

We continued in our series I Am.

We went old school today with some Empire Strikes back clips.

Today was I Am your father.

We looked at the things that God our Father has passed down to us in order for us to live out the calling we were created for.

Anna did a great job with the song Lead me to the cross.

Music was great.

We learned that once we place our lives on th altar of God, he ignites a fire in our lives that consumes us and just like in Genesis 8:21 our lives become a pleasing aroma to God.

Our first steps area for the kids was packed out today.

Several new first timers today.

Challenged everyone to get plugged in and begin to use the gifts that God has given them.

All in all it was a very good day.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Relaxing Day

I'm just relaxing around the house today. In an hour or so I'm going to go over my message for tommorrow. I do this every Saturday and usually spend about 4-5 hours memorizing most of the message. After that more relaxing and then I'm going to watch the Nascar Race tonight. The Bud Shootout comes on at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.

I'm looking forward to church tomorrow. We continue in our I AM series and it will be cool to see people getting plugged in to the areas that God has gifted them. It will also be our second week in our new location. Remember, we are located in the back of the building right behind SunTrust Bank in Powdersville at 10:30 a.m.. See you Sunday.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Trash Talkin Continues and Preseason Testing Begins

So the trash talkin has continued regarding this coming Sunday afternoon's backyard brawl. This week I have received numerous hate emails regarding my go kart driving abilities. I will not respond to these cheap shots because I have learned that Eagles never go into snake holes. I choose to soar just as I will on Sunday in the backyard go kart 50 lap main. Nascar has it's Bud Shootout this week and my backyard go kart series has it's own event appropriately named the Butt Shootout as in who's butt is gonna end up turned head on into my fence.

The funny thing about all the trash talking is that I doubt that the Allen's will even make it out of the heat races and into the main event. And Little H Chy will be dragging all around the track probably 5 laps down before the finish.

Preseason testing began this afternoon at the track. All four karts are tuned up and ready to go. The track is in excellent condition after the repaving by mother nature two nights ago. Practice Sunday will get underway at 2 p.m. with qualifying and races beginning at 3 p.m.. We will start with qualifying and then heat races to determine the racing order and line up for the main event.It's still not too late to get your name in the hat for the races Sunday. Just let me know so that I can have your name programmed into the Jumbotron in the backyard. I really don't have a Jumbotron yet but we are still seeking corporate sponsorship for trophies and all. This week's race will most likely be videoed and clips will be available on youtube.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Steps Ahead

Some time back I mentioned on my blog that we were looking at possibly moving ahead with a Greenville Campus in the near future. The vision of Stone Bridge has always been to be in multiple locations in order to make a large church small. Our goal is to be intentionally small. You may ask why intentionally small. Well, having served on staff at small churches and at a mega church, I have seen the advantages of both. There is something to be said about the community and fellowship that takes place in a small church. At the same time there are advantages for a large church in the terms of the amount of resources that a larger church can provide.

So here was the dilemma, how do you keep the community and fellowship of a small church and be able to provide the resources and creativity of a large church? The answer is one church with multiple locations. These are all live in person campuses not video. Video can be a great tool but it is not part of our vision to create a culture of community. The way we are going to accomplish this is through multiple teaching pastors rotating among the different campuses. Everything will be the same at each location. Same series, same set lists, same graphcis, same videos, and everything. This will allow us to remain small but still have the resources of a large church. By having the teaching pastors to rotate it takes more of the focus off of a personality and places it on Christ and the Church.

This is kind of a cliff note version of the vision of our church, if you would like a copy of the video of the vision of the church just drop me an email and I'll be happy to send it to you.

Anyway, I have said all of this to say that today we took some more steps in the journey that lies ahead for Stone Bridge. Today I met with someone representing a core group of 40 people who would like to be a part of launching a new campus in the Traveler's Rest area. The meeting was excellent and I am looking forward to the possibilities there along with the possibilities at the Anderson Location.

The plan for right now is to hold a preview service for the groups coming from Anderson and Traveler's Rest on Sunday Night March 2nd at 6:00 p.m. That night will be a regular worship service in addition to our regular Sunday Morning Morning service that day. That night I will share the vision of Stone Bridge with everyone and then people will have a chance to ask questions. The Anderson Campus will launch a month after that. The Traveler's Rest Group will then decide whether or not this is something God is leading them to be a part of and then we will discuss the next steps from there.

God is doing some amazing things, I'll see you Sunday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting Things Happening

There are some awesome things taking place in the church right now. Next week we begin our core group meetings in Anderson for the campus that kicks off at Whitehall Elementary School beginning on April 6th. If you would like to be involved, be sure and contact Dan Cunningham our Anderson Campus Pastor. His email address and details are on the church web site. Be sure to check it out.

We are getting used to our Powdersville Campus and making some improvements there. Our office area is coming together nicely. Special thanks to all of our volunteers who have made this place incredible. We have accomplished with a couple of thousand dollars what would have taken some churches a hundred thousand dollars, 10 committee meetings, 5 church votes and a church split.

Remember, we are no longer at Wren High but instead at 110 Cooper Lane in Powdersville right behind SunTrust Bank. We're continuing in our series I Am. This week we're going old school with this famous phrase " I Am Your Father". Star Wars geeks you won't want to miss it.

I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet but we may have some even more exciting news coming in the next couple of weeks.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Two Sites, More People, and Trash Talkin

Two quick sites you need to check out.
1. Justin our youth minister just started a blog. You can visit it at .

2. Our redesigned web site is . It is still a work in progress but looking better each day. If you're looking for a web designer be sure to contact Jim Reppart at the link in the sites to check out on the right.

We have added a couple of more people that will be making the trek to Charlotte on February 29th for the Richard Petty Driving School. If you want to go, let me know. The more people, the more to laugh at when they mess their pants.

The week has begun with a lot of trash talking beginning at home group tonight coming from the Allen family. So, Sunday it is on! 3:00 p.m. is a 4 person grudge match at the backyard go kart track. It seems as though Jason and Paige are talking trash like they could actually beat me in go karts. All the while, an emboldened Bryan "Little H Chy" has begun talking trash about how fearless he is as well. So Sunday it will be decided in a 50 lap main on the back yard speedway.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Place, Go Karts, and Cheaters

Today was awesome good from a church standpoint. We moved into our new place right behind SunTrust bank in Powdersville. We still had a few folks show up at Wren High School but we had someone staioned there to send them our way. The flow of everything went very well and our people stepped up big time to have everything ready for our first services in there today. We kicked off our series "I AM" today and looked at how God has a purpose and a plan for each of our lives.

This afternoon I had a couple of hours of free time before going back up to the church for our Super Bowl Party. Since it was a nice afternoon I called up the Allen's and told them to come over and I put them into go karts for a backyard brawl, family style.

The action was fast and furious starting with Paige running her son into a hay bale resulting in his first flip of the day. Later in the day after I just had spun Jason sending him into the mud, Jonah, his son, decided to avenge his father's embarrassment and he spun me in the top turn sending himself head on into the fence. About 5 minutes later Jonah suffered his third accident of the afternoon by hitting the bale of hay once more sending his kart into a complete flip which caused him to burn his hand on the muffler. I determined that the Allens are horrible drivers much like their favorite driver Jimmie Johnson. The qoute of the day had to be from Paige when she said to Jason " I'm a little disappointed in your testosterone level while driving out there. I thought you would be more aggressive out there".

And finally, Cheaters never prosper. I watched the Super Bowl at church with a bunch of our folks. Special thanks to our home groups stepping up and cooking a ton of burgers and hot dogs. I was so glad to see The Hoodie lose his perfect season. I am jealous though because Stan and Cindy from our home group were at the game. Congrats to Al and his NY Giants.

And finally finally, someone tonight gave the best compliment about our church. It had nothing to do with the speaking, it had nothing to do with the music. What they said to me was the following," you know, we're hooked because for the first time in our church experience we feel like we actually matter to someone". If you're looking for a place where you matter, then Stone Bridge Church is the place for you. Our focus is to Love God, Love People. See you this Sunday.